Our Pest Control Company Will Keep Your Property Safe From Termites

Our Pest Control Company Will Keep Your Property Safe From Termites

Learn more about termite treatment & termite control in Weatherford, TX

Sometimes, the best offense is a strong defense. Schedule termite control before you build a property in Weatherford, Texas. Pronto Solutions offers this treatment for both homeowners and business owners. We'll spray your structure and set up bait stations to protect your property for up to 10 years. Our exterminators will monitor the traps and alert you to any issues. If you need localized treatment, we can provide that, too.

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We offer post-construction barrier treatment

Pronto Solutions also offers termite control for existing properties. According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, 23 termite colonies inhabit every acre of land. If that statistic scares you, call us right away.

We'll install bait stations on key areas of your property and give you a record of our work. An exterminator will check the traps twice a year and keep you updated about the termite activity near your home.

Termite treatment can also improve the selling potential of your home. You can show potential homebuyers a copy of your termite treatment to ease their concerns about the property. Contact us ASAP to learn more benefits about this pest control service.